Panel: Table Games Operations & Yielding

May 23, 2018

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Yield management is the process of making frequent adjustments in the price of a product in response to certain market factors, such as demand or competition. For table game operators juggling the peaks and valleys of the typical week, it is an indispensable concept that can be as complex as it is deceptively simple.

This is a two-part session which first includes a presentation on the building blocks of yield management followed by a hands-on discussion on how operators can optimize their approach. Among the topics to be covered:

  • Key drivers for yield management
  • The right approach to yielding: Cost Minimization vs Profit Maximization
  • Target occupancy and how different drivers affect it
  • The right metrics to measure yield on


  • Mike May, Vice President of Table Operations, Pechanga Resort & Casino
  • Brad Waldron, Group Head of Table Game Optimization, Crown Resorts
  • Bill Zender, Zender & Associates


  • Ari Mizrachi, Vice President of Operations Optimization, Tangam Systems
  • Varun Nayak, Senior Vice President of Gaming Strategy, Tangam Systems

The session was very well attended and generated several questions afterward. Below are a few shorter clips from this session for your viewing pleasure.

Introduction & Table Occupancy

Segregating Players

The Goal of Yielding & Four Levers

Table Games Operations & Pricing Strategy

Panel Question 1: Challenges of Yielding

Panel Question 2: Pit Managers Executing on Strategy

Panel Question 3: Data Quality & Integrity

These video clips are from The Cutting Edge Table Games Conference in Las Vegas from November 14-16, 2017. It is an annual event focused on presentations and workshops from leading industry experts to provide real-world proven examples of how to improve results across their table games operations.

If you have any questions about the panel, the content presented or about yield management, please contact us. If you would like to learn more about yielding management, check out some of Tangam’s available resources such as the blog and Tangam Academy.

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