Tangam at the 2018 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention

Mar 29, 2018

Are you attending NIGA's Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention from April 17-20 in Las Vegas? Attend the Yield Management: Theory & Practice session on April 18 at 2 pm, hosted by Ari Mizrachi.Yield management is the process of making frequent adjustments in the price of a product in response to certain market factors, such as demand or competition. For table game operators juggling the peaks and valleys of the typical week, it is an indispensable concept that can be as complex as it is deceptively simple.In this session, attendees will hear a presentation on the building blocks of yield management followed by a hands-on discussion on how operators can optimize their approach. Among the topics to be covered:

  • Key drivers for yield management
  • How does it fit into table games strategy
  • An illustrative example

Presenter:Ari Mizrachi, Vice President of Operations Optimization, Tangam Systems

Yield Management: Theory & Practice

Date: April 18, 2018 Time: 2 - 3 pm Location: N253

For additional conference information or agenda, please visit the website. To book a meeting at the show or speak with Ari, contact us.

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Ari Mizrachi

As SVP and Head of North America Business, Ari brings over 15 years of operations experience across multiple jurisdictions in North America including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Ari oversees Tangam’s global client base and helps operators adopt yield management best practices.

Tangam Systems

Tangam Systems is the global leader in recommendations driven gaming optimization software, trusted by Casino Gaming Resorts to maximize profit on over 8,300 tables across 9 countries. Launched in 2010, Tangam’s flagship software, TYM, turns data into actions to optimize spread planning, game mix, and dynamic management for table games. Merging decades of multidisciplinary experience in casino operations, software engineering, mathematics, and statistics, Tangam’s patented algorithms and visualizations are the first and only product of its category, backed by exceptional support.

Media Contacts:
USA: 702.793.2296
Canada: 519.513.2417
Australia: +(61) 3 9021 6926


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