Revenue Maximization vs Cost Minimization for Table Games

Nov 6, 2019

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In this session, attendees will hear a presentation on the building blocks of yield management followed by a hands-on discussion of frequently asked questions on how operators can optimize their approach. Among the topics to be covered:  

Key drivers for yield management

  • The right approach to yielding: Cost Minimization vs Profit Maximization
  • Target occupancy and how different drivers affect it
  • The right metrics to measure yield on

Session Intro, Resource Allocation, Pricing and Controllable Variables

Operational to Financial KPIs and Yielding Levers

Approaches to Yielding the Gaming Floor

Table Occupancy, Game Pace and Play Time (Blackjack Example)

Key Insights for Yielding Approaches

Session Q&A

The speaker is Ari Mizrachi, Tangam System’s SVP of Operations & Casino Strategy. The session was originally held at the Sands Expo during G2E in Las Vegas on October 17 at the Innovation Lab booth. If you have any questions about the session, please contact us.

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