Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Which Game Fared the Best of Them All?

Dec 17, 2020

This year, every article has reminded us that we're in "uncharted territory” and table games are no exception. As operations around the globe begin to return to some form of normalcy, there will be lessons learnt, and takeaways that will help shape the future.

Our latest infographic highlights the performance across five of the largest game segments in North America and how they fared.

What Should We Do Next?

For ideas on next steps, read Tangam blog post: 5 Yielding Questions Every Table Games Executive Needs to Ask Themself in the Wake of COVID-19

Survey: What's Your Experience?

As an extension to this data, we are looking for feedback on what your property is currently encountering during these turbulent times. Take part in our anonymous survey to share your experience.

All the information will be compiled into a free report to provide a benchmark of what is occurring in casinos of varying sizes, markets and countries around the world. Our goal is to provide insights and ideas that might be helpful to your property.

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Maulin Gandhi

As one of the founding executives, Maulin currently serves as the President of Tangam Systems. With over fifteen years of experience helping operators improve business performance with data science, Maulin has overseen Tangam’s growth to the global leader in Table Games analytics. He received his Computer Engineering Bachelor’s and Master’s from the renowned McGill University in Montreal, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

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