TYM 2020.1: Dive into Operations Performance with Powerful Comparative Analytics

Feb 25, 2020

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The latest version of TYM includes new features to increase visibility into floor operations and profitability-impacting KPIs. The update includes the new Executive Summary Dashboard, new live recommendation types, an easier way to respond to recommendations via mobile and more.

Easily Compare & Troubleshoot Performance with the Executive Summary Dashboard

Executives and Analysts can quickly troubleshoot performance by comparing last month's operational KPIs to the same month last year and the previous three months using the new Executive Summary Dashboard.

Choose from over 60 operational KPIs and evaluate performance across different casino segments, grouping any areas and games together. Automated email reports with trend charts are sent directly to subscribers on a monthly basis.

Improve Guest Experience & Profitability with Proactive Pricing Recommendations

After a successful beta stage, Proactive Pricing Recommendations are now available. These recommendations prompt operations managers to adjust pricing based on upcoming forecasted demand.

By reducing game disruptions on the floor, Proactive Pricing Recommendations help enhance the guest experience as well as improve net contribution gains by capturing demand at higher price points sooner.

Quickly Respond to Recommendations via Email

Pit View users can now respond to recommendations without leaving their email application.

Make impactful changes to the floor based on current and historical demand with only a few taps on a phone.

Other new features of this release include:

  • adding events to individual areas in Events Calendar
  • hourly filtering option for Recommendation History
  • data exporting capabilities for Team Performance and Response Analysis
  • hourly financials and 'per week' KPI aggregations in Floor Performance
  • six-week actual tables trend is now available in the Daily Overview charts

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